Sevdıgım Stıller – Jessıca Mınkoff (English Version)

Hello everyone; I hope you are all healthy, safe and well. Our world is going through a very difficult and complex process. There is also a situation of insensitivity that I cannot understand why we failed… I am sure we are a lot of people who cannot understand like me 🙂 Come on, read the last interview I made so that you can read with pleasure in your own safe area!

This time my guest is an authentic, unique and, I think, naturally cool woman. We saw her on the pages of many fashion magazines as the “Fashion News and Content Editor” of that glamorous fashion world. Emerging designers were writing articles about current events and trends in the industry. Jessica currently the Fashion Content Editor of a luxury multi-storey store. And he added the “University Professorship” to all this daily workload.

Jessica teaches Fashion Journalism to her students at NYU (New York University) where she graduated. Now if I were a student at NYU and I had to attend, I would go to every class without exception just to listen to Jessica’s words 🙂

Here I had an enjoyable interview with this versatile and cool woman. I wish you to read it with pleasure. Don’t forget to like and share. Your support is very precious to me.

Yours sincerely,


ModaStilde (MS): Dear Jessica, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jessica Minkoff (JM): I am currently the Fashion Content Editor at Bergdorf Goodman and an adjunct professor at NYU, teaching a fashion journalism course called Style NY. I started my career in publishing at before working at magazines like Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and Teen Vogue. 

(MS):When did you decide that fashion should be at the center of your life?

JM: I actually wanted to be a professional ballet dancer until I was 19 years old. While I was training to be a dancer I was always passionate about fashion and writing. I used to make collages with my favorite editorials from Teen Vogue, Vogue Paris, and Elle. Once I realized that ballet was not going to work out for me I decided to go to NYU to study journalism and I knew right when I started school that I wanted to go into the fashion industry.

MS: How did your editorial journey begin?

JM: I started my career as an Editorial Coordinator at I worked alongside all of the editors and gained an enormous amount of knowledge and experience from day one. I am forever grateful to all of my co-workers at From there I went on to be the Associate Market Editor at Marie Claire under Nina Garcia, before being promoted to Fashion Features Editor and then Senior Market Editor. Following Marie Claire, I went to work with my former co-worker Marina Larroude as the Senior Fashion and Accessories Editor at Teen Vogue. After that I transitioned from publishing to retail, as the Editorial Director of Kirna Zabete, a luxury boutique in Soho, before going to Bergdorf Goodman as Fashion Content Editor.

MS: How would you describe your style?

JM: Eighties and nineties inspired with lots of color. I like denim, patent leather, mesh details, tie-dye. Accessories are important. 

MS: What is the biggest mistake a person can make in terms of fashion?

JM: Not being true to themselves.

MS: Who is the style icon for you?

JM: I love the way that Elsa Hosk dresses, but mostly I am inspired by vintage photos of Kate Moss and anything that Anthony Vaccarello does for Saint Laurent.

MS: What is your favorite style you can’t give up?

JM: Denim, corsets and neon.

MS: What do I see most if I open your locker? colors.

JM: Jeans, Saint Laurent bags, neon.

MS: Do you have an indispensable brand?

JM: Saint Laurent.

MS: Is there a piece you say you never wear?

JM: Skirts.

MS: What do you pay attention to in your diet? How do you keep your form?

JM: I love to swim! Going in the pool is a great physical activity but I also find that it’s the only time when I can shut my mind off to everything going on in my day to day life. 

MS: Which country do you think is the best dressed women in the world?

JM: Hard to say, but I find a lot of inspiration in Paris and New York City.

MS: Brand or designer you follow closely these days?

JM: Saint Laurent.

MS: You are a very good and successful style editor. What is the secret of progress and success?

JM: I would say that the most important thing is to be true to yourself—don’t try to hide what makes you different or unique—and always put effort into everything that you do. And be nice!

MS: What are the key tips for a woman to create her own style?

JM: Wear what makes you feel authentic to yourself, don’t try to be like anyone else, embrace what makes you different.

MS: What is the indispensable product of the makeup bag?

JM: Mascara.

MS: Can you give us a good style advice?

JM: Wear what makes you happy and if something that you are wearing makes you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about yourself, then take it off.

MS: What are your indispensable accessories? 

JM: My Saint Laurent pink and black zebra cross-body bag, Vans sneakers, and an armful of colorful bracelets.

MS: How were you affected by this process that the world went through? What are more valuable or worthless now?

JM: I think like most people, I realized how important it is to stay close to the ones you love (and who love you). When things like a job, material goods, and your daily routine get stripped out from underneath you, all that is left are your relationships and that is what inspires me to stay positive and push forward not only during this pandemic but in tough times in general.

MS: Have you ever been to Turkey? Would you consider coming?

JM: No, I have yet to travel to Turkey but I would definitely be open to going one day!

MS: Do you have a message for Turkish followers and young people who want to succeed like you?

JM: Be curious—research things that you find interesting, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always stay true to yourself.

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